Sunday, January 10, 2010

As fall snow and rain

Like snow or rain, you came into this world and joined the river of human life now flooding the sweet, precious landscape. Unique among all other living things you have choices informed by an understanding of reality more broad and deep than of any other kind of life on earth and you have power upon power upon power, if you choose to use them.

What choices have the tree, the fish, the flower, the bee? Add them all up. Add up all the choices of all of the other creatures. You, all by yourself, have more knowing freedom of choice about things that will change the world tomorrow than the knowing freedom of choice of all of the other creatures alive today in this world added together.

Sometimes for my own comfort or power or pleasure I make choices that crowd or crush living things that have no choice. I know the excuses I give for doing those things. Would you like me to trot them out for you or can you list your own or are you one who is blessing what has blessed you by trying consciously to tread lightly?

Life is all taking and giving. Until it incorporated a bit of energy, the first living thing was not alive. As best we can tell, all life on earth came from one point source and all living things came to be from it. All life is lived through balancing flows of energy taken and given.

Our minds layer flows of energy upon energy upon energy balanced delicately and capable of focus and understanding and imagination and action. We have a huge wealth of capability and potential freedom. I pray I'll use mine wisely.

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