Monday, January 4, 2010

Row, row, row

Your boat

You know the song. How do you take it? Is life but a dream?

Methinks not, says I. Feel the pinch when the bills come due, feel the rub when the desired outcome does not come to pass, feel the joy when all goes well. Not dream. Not dream. Most real.

But what then? To start with one must either leave one’s logical mind at the door and simply believe in the religion given you or chosen by you or admit that there is no good natural explanation for there being anything. Nothing would be hugely simpler than anything, and that there actually is anything naturally brings the question, why? Even dream requires that there be a dreamer.

Well, here we are again, round two of the song. Choose to either check one’s mind at the door and simply believe or choose to take the lumps one gets by trying to figure out the un-figurable. Or, to put it another way, take the lumps one gets trying to solve the big mystery.

Fortunately, if we are reasonably healthy, the lumps tend to heal. We all know that the time will come when.....but we tend to not think too much about THAT since there is no obvious good to be had thinking about what we cannot change.

So, here we are, either going down the creek with no paddle, with our oars in the water or with them folded up for now, us just going with the flow. Oh were it that the flow was headed to a place looking good to me! Seems that our river runs soon toward white water, if not some huge falls.

The consolation for me? Well, having chased the mystery diligently now for lo these many years, bit by bit, it has unfolded itself to me in increasingly large
measure. Eureka! Of course at that point the remaining mystery just gets more mysterious. Onward ho!

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  1. I'm enjoying these posts immensely.

    And I, for one, tend to seek out the lumps. They remind me I'm still here.